Thursday, September 1, 2011

What does it mean to be a "reader"?

Every person in the world is a "reader". A "reader" is one who looks at something "carefully so as to understand the meaning of". People read things every day; whether it be a sign as you drive down the highway, a cereal box, or the newest, most anticipated fiction novel. Reading is just a common, everyday activity people everywhere participate in. What they choose to read, and why they read it, however, determines the type of "reader" they are.
Some enjoy the works of John Locke and Rousseau; others like to curl up under a warm blanket and crack open a good, fiction romance novel; while still others have only the desire to snap open the Sunday cartoons. However, I, myself, love to read about the real life adventures of athletes.
In elementary school, whenever my class would go to the library to pick out our books for the month, not a single one of us would step foot in the "nonfiction" section. It was as if by going over there, one would become an outcast. But one day in fourth grade, I watched a sixth grader walk into the library and head straight to the books about REAL people and I thought to myself(being the impressionable little fourth grader I was)"He's a sixth grader,I want to be like him." So I walked over and picked out the first book with the name of someone I had heard of. That month, I read about the life of Jackie Robinson and was hooked. The next couple years were filled with all the readings of sports stars I could find.
As I went through middle school and became interested in more and more sports, my variety of readings became larger. I became interested in a sport called "cross country" and now I will buy almost any book I see about the lives of runners. "Running With The Buffaloes" is the first title that comes to mind. It follows the 1998 NCAA cross country season of the Colorado Buffaloes and everything they did to be the third best cross country team in the country and describes, with amazing detail, how much effort their best runner had to put in to become the fastest college runner in nation. Reading about the detailed life of people who I aspire to be helps gain a perspective of what I need to do to obtain my dream.
We all have our own purpose and reasons for reading, as well as the particular things we enjoy reading, but we are all still "readers".

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