Thursday, September 22, 2011

Raw or "Raw"?

Raw. What exactly does raw mean? This depends on where you're from. The most common definitions known by almost every person in the world are "undercooked" and "ignorant or unexperienced". Yet some of us know a different "definition", one you won't find in a Webster's dictionary.
            To us natives of Vacaville, raw is a word of high praise. Raw goes beyond amazing; it goes beyond incredible; it goes beyond superb. It's just raw. Being considered raw at what you do is something we strive for. It's why we run that extra mile even though our legs scream out it's time to be done. It's why you take those 50 extra swings in the batting cage when the entire team has already left.
            Now you're in the kitchen and you have the green beans and carrots finishing up their simmering; the baked potatoes' baking has come to a conclusion, and you take the meat off the grill. You gently cut open the piece of meat and you see a little too much pink. Yes it is raw, but it's not raw. You join the army and all the veterans refer to you as raw. You're the new, untrained rookie. That is not raw either. You run a mile in 4 minutes flat? That's raw. You batted .320 in the MLB? That's raw. It's not "undercooked" or "ignorant", it's just raw.

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